About Us

Gregory Case Photography comprises of Elena Morera and Gregory Case. Elena mostly does styling and some photography; Gregory mostly does photography and some styling. They mostly do something together.

They thought of calling their business MoCa (Morera/Case) but then for reasons unknown even to them, they didn’t. But it is a nice name; much better than the current business name of you know who.

Gregory started professionally photographing in 2003; his first job was the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. He bought his first professional digital camera two weeks before the show. Prior, he spent 18 years as a mental health therapist and has his Master’s in Social Work.

Elena Morera has her Master’s in Management. She has worked as a Vice President in Human Resources for more years than she cares to say. She still works part-time as a H.R. consultant.

Their primary focus is quilt, textile, fiber art, and event photography. Their fabric clients send them quilts/textiles from over 25 states and several countries outside of the United States. Their photography is regularly featured in quilt and textile magazines including The Quilt Life, Machine Quilting Unlimited, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, and Quilter’s Home Magazine.

They also teach digital photography/travel photography classes internationally: Road to CA (four times), HandWeavers Guild of America (three times), Studio Art Quilt Associates (twice), Pacific International Quilt Festival (twice), Denver National Quilt Festival, American Quilt Studies Group, Electric Quilt company/Deb Roberts’ Tours and World of Quilts Travels, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and numerous locals events.

Their web site, cleverly enough titled, is gregorycase.com and they can be reached via e-mail at photos@gregorycase.com


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