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Mount Rushmore as seen on Needles Highway

In the prior blog, I focused on details of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. And the blog before that I talked about the importance of photographing a subject a lot and showed the Memorial at night.

Now I wanted to show the Memorial in a context.  As I mentioned before, in landscape photography, you want to highlight the subject as wide as you can and also focus on detail. Here, I’m going far wider here, introducing a context in which to appreciate the Memorial. The image above shows the bus and the Needles Highway (shown above) to show how large the sculpture is.

Grand View Terrace

Likewise, I used the crowd standing in the Grand View Terrace to show the mountain and Memorial size.The people give a sense of scale but also gives a sense to the viewer of how people are drawn to look and photograph both the Memorial and also use the Memorial background as a family portrait.

And my version of the iconic Memorial photo

There are three reasons the Memorial was not completed: The first reason was in the last blog. The second reason was the sculpture started this Memorial when he was 60 and after 14 years of work, he died. His son completed a small amount of work after his father’s death but it was stated that no one outside of the family could finish the sculpture.

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