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George Washington

In the prior blog, I talked about my way of photographing as a tourist and showed four different images of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, all shot at night.

Here, I want to emphasize the importance of photographing your subject in a variety of ways. In these images, I focus on four different details of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. (It’s hard to get good details of the Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt on the self-guided walking Presidential Trail.)

Often in travel photography, especially landscapes, the temptation is to shot as wide as possible–to show as much as you can. While that is useful, you also want to focus on details as well. Once I have a sense of the overall perspective, I want to see some items in greater detail, like the heads of the individual presidents.

Abraham Lincoln

As stated in the first Mount Rushmore blog, there are three reasons the Memorial was not completed and I stated I would give the reason why in this 3 remaining blogs. The first answer is World War II. The War effort required more manpower and money so Congress was not able to continue to fund this project.

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George Washington and Abraham Lincoln