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Intro Page to Texas

Last blog I mentioned that I’ve been fortunate to be the cover photographer for The Quilt Life and talked about the August 2012 cover shoot. TQL magazine also features a lot of my quilt photography.

The next day I was fortunate to photograph for another magazine, Patchwork Quilt tsushin magazine, a Japanese quilting magazine, edited by Naomi Ichikawa. In several days Naomi and I covered a lot of Texas ground photographing in Houston, including the International Quilt Festival, Round Top, La Grange, Giddings, and Dickinson.

International Quilt Festival 2011 and portrait of (Karey) Bresenhan, founder and president of Quilts, Inc.

My photography has been shown twice before in this magazine (December 2011, No. 165, and February 2012, No. 166). For those issues, we covered a lot of ground in the San Francisco/Bay Area including the City itself, the de Young Museum, Oakland, and Tiburon. With Naomi, you get both quilt/textile and travel photography in one trip! She is very steeped in quilt and textile knowledge and travels a great deal around the world, and just about knows everyone in the field.

Naomi was been quite willing to help educate me to the Japanese culture and I help her understand American culture. She enjoys the rural landscape and often is amazed at how much open land and large houses many Americans seem to take for granted.

Texas Quilt Museum and portrait of Janet Moerbert, Mayor of La Grange, Texas.

In the August 2012 issue of Patchwork Quilt tsushin (No. 169), 14 pages feature my event, travel, portrait, and quilt/textile photography. I look forward to working with Naomi again.