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The August 2012 issue (Vol. 3, Number 4) cover was shot in Houston, Texas, early November 2011. It features a Robbi Joy Eklow quilt, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, and a cast of flowers provided by TGF Flowers.

I’ve been fortunate to photograph the magazine covers of The Quilt Life, since their first issue (April 2010), 14 covers and counting.

Creating a magazine cover shot entails a lot of work and a group of talented folks who find a location, get permission to use that location, find the appropriate color-coordinated clothes, set up the camera, adjust the lighting, getting the talent (Ricky and Alex) in just the right place, while, in this case, working under full sun in the heat with too much wind and humidity and (of course) limited time. But when you work with a talented group of individuals focused on creating a good cover image, magic sometimes happens.

Prepping the flowers (Kathy Colvic, far left, Jan Magee, magazine editor, and Tom Russell, art director)

From a photographer’s point of view, all what matters is what is inside “the frame.” Elena has coined the phrase: styled through the lens. It doesn’t matter what is outside of the lens, what matters is what is inside the lens. While the overall setting does not look very picturesque, it didn’t matter, that setting wasn’t being photographed. What mattered was the captured image.

Getting Alex’s clothes ready for their close-up (Justin Shults, left, Alex and Ricky stand-ins in the middle, Tom also in the middle, Alex Anderson (talent, far right) and an unknown magazine cover photographer and blog writer, extreme left)

As if the sun wasn’t blinding enough, reflectors were used to reduce the amount of shadows on around the talent (Justin, left, Elena Morera, far right, and the talent, Ricky and Alex center)

High-tech, no expenses spared…trying to view images on a laptop in a car, in blinding sunlight, surrounded by umbrellas to reduce the glare!

And that is how that August 2012 TQL cover magic happened!