Thank you your Honor for letting me address the court: sometimes you (read: me) just have a need to take pictures. It’s been a while and you miss the technical and compositional aspects, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that grabs your attention. That’s when your friends should take your camera away from you.

If it pleases the court (and I’m sure it won’t): Exhibit A: Looking Stupid

Otherwise, you end up with stupid shots that are painful to take and look at later. It’s even worse when you post them for others to comment. Maybe you want to believe that you are clever because you tried to make a stupid image look cool by adding filters and film grain, playing around with post-processing techniques. Trust me. At the end of the day, it’s still a stupid image. It’s not even a good silhouette.

When I first starting shooting, I photographed everything. It took a long time for me to figure out why an image did or didn’t work (usually the images that didn’t work were lazy and had a poor work ethic).

As I became more discriminating with my shots, I started shooting less in pursuit of quality over quantity. I learned to shoot better, and more importantly, how not to show stupid pictures to others.

Here’s the truth: For every poorly composed and exposed image, there was an inordinate amount of good images needed to overcome the hangover from a bad shot. (I didn’t actually write that last melodious sentence, my blog editor, Jake did. My original sentence was far more lackadaisical.)

I’ve learned and implore others: do yourself a favor and delete your stupid shots before they end up in a blog post. This stupid image was taken at Lake Isabel, CO and should not be used to cast a poor reflection upon the area.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, I rest my case your Honor.