The Boys

The Boys, prior to the settlement

Cats, some people love them; others think that they make good dog food. I’ve have 5 cats for companions. Elena and I had Elwood and Jake for more than 15 years. When you start with the first cat, a 4 year old, an already named Elwood, the logical name for his new younger “brother” had to be Jake, a la the Blues Brothers. (They hated wearing those sunglasses, hats, and smoking those cheap cigarettes.)

After both died, we lived a pet-free life for a while and then missed having pets. We went to an animal shelter in Pueblo, Colorado, and found two brothers. We suspect they might have been abused as both of them were quite scared and spent most of their first year huddled together. They keep an eye out for each other; Stanley is more fearless, while Oliver is the reluctant follower but believes he is the alpha male. One of our earliest photos, soon after we brought them home, was captured one night, intertwined, on their cat tree. They still sleep together a lot.

Photo wise, when taking portraits, whether human or animal, you want to make sure that at least some of the images you shoot show them looking directly to the camera and thus the viewer. The most important part of a portrait is the eyes, so make sure that the eyes are in sharp focus.

But not all shots need to show the subject’s eyes open, much less looking straight at the camera. Often, you can create interesting images with a subjects eyes closed. Below, is an image of with trust, affection and mutual comfort.

Oliver is on the left and Stanley is on the right. We named them after the comedy team, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Brothers in Arms

Right after this shot, I did wake them up to complete a model’s release. They demanded a larger fee than I had expected. We resolved the issue in small claims court; I lost: they get run of the house while I pay for all their bills.

Well, I finally did it; I vowed I would not write a blog about my cats (no, my blog would be more sophisticated, more serious than oh my pet is so special and smart, and … ). In my defense, I had to write one blog about them as that was part of the court settlement. This is it.