Be Colourful_Jacqueline de Jonge, The Netherlands, “Cosmati Stars”

(Updated: August 2012)

I was recently at an art gallery in San Francisco, California and one of the curators said that increasingly artists are presenting their work on tablets instead of laptops or showing prints/slides. They thought that this trend would only increase in popularity not only for the artist but also for the art gallery owners as well.

For over 8 years, I’ve been photographing quilts, textiles, and fiber art for both United States and international clients. During that time, I’ve also seen how quilt, textile, and fiber art images are displayed have changed. Juried shows have changed from only allowing slides to only accepting digital images. Cell phones used to make only wireless phone calls (not replacing Point & Shoot cameras). Digital cameras have taken almost all market share from film-based cameras. A new earth-like planet was recently discovered, but I digress; that Cosmati Stars image got me thinking of all sort of geometric designs of the solar system.

In a previous blog article, I mentioned how Road to California has been using photos I’ve taken for their web and print marketing in different ways than in the past.

For numerous years, I created and mailed photo CD’s for my clients, but today, most clients want their images sent to them via e-mail. I use a service called “You Send It”. They like that they can receive the images much sooner than waiting for the mail.

And with the prevalence of additional types of media displays (smart phones and tablets) the need for additional file sizes and screen resolutions to exhibit artist’s design work has increased as well. Recently, I counted 39 different print-ready, web-ready, jury-ready, smartphone and tablet-ready file sizes I can deliver to my quilt, textile, and fiber artists via e-mail or on a photo CD:

– 12 different print-ready sized files
– 13 different Web/blog/computer display-ready files
– 7 of the most requested juried-show sized files
– 7 smartphone and tablet sizes
And a partridge in a pear tree…

And as new media devices enter the market, I’ll continue to add to the number of supported devices and quit my day job so I can keep up with the file demands.

Now, it takes a fair (ha–more than a fair!) amount of Web searching to find the smart phones and tablets screen resolutions so I want to save you the search time with some of the more popular mobile devices/screen resolutions:

– Amazon Fire: 1024 x 600 pixels @ 169 ppi
– Apple iPad (“new 2012”): 2048 x 1536 @ 264 ppi
– Apple iPad (v. 1 – 2): 1024 x 769 pixels @ 132 ppi
– Apple iPhone (v. 2g, 3g, 3gs): 320 x 480 pixels @ 163 ppi
– Apple iPhone (v. 4, 4s): 640 x 960 pixels @ 326 ppi
– Barnes & Noble Tablet: 1024 x 600 @ 169 ppi
– Google Nexus 7: 1280 x 88 @ 216 ppi

Once you have the image you want to display on your mobile device, use your favorite image-editing software to re-size your image (saved as a JPEG) for the appropriate screen resolution/media device and then you can show your design work wherever you go! It’s like Design Within Reach!

Bunny Hill Designs_Anne Sutton, USA, “Merry Merry Snowman_BOM_Block 7”

These wonderful quilts images are from two of my clients and their web sites: Be Creative-Jacqueline de Jonge, Bunny Hill Designs-Anne Sutton