The Quilt Life Magazine

Recently my business mail had three magazines (Machine Quilting Unlimited, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, and Quilter’s Home Magazine) all arrive the same day that regularly feature my photography work. (I’ll spare you, dear reader, about the details of most of my mail.)

The next day (yikes, this sounds like the beginning of a bad “dear diary” post), I received The Quilt Life, another magazine that also regularly features my photography and was recently named “One of the Best New Magazines of 2010” by Library Journal. (Thankfully, the Journal did not suggest that a better photographer would greatly improve the overall image quality of the magazine. That was most kind of them!)

This issue (August 2011) featured a cover of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson that we photographed in Houston, Texas. (It was outside at a fruit stand and not a single tomato was injured.) Libby Lehman found this great site. We tried many different shots and this was the winner. Ricky and Alex are wonderful to photograph for this magazine—they know how to pose. The tomatoes, however, took a lot of coaching and don’t even get me started about those oh so difficult “it’s all about me” oranges.

Inside the magazine, there were three different stories (A Quilt to Tickle Your Fancy, Floral Embroidered Quilt, An Unlikely Family Grows at The that featured my photography and Elena’s styling.

Styled shot, The Quilt Life

The next day’s mail: no magazines, just bills. (Yes, United States Postal Service, this is known as product placement–please consider being a site sponsor.)