First issue we photographed for featuring Diana McClun's house and studio. Cover photo credit: Jeff MacWright

We had first met Mark Lipinski in Minneapolis, MN, crossing a street. We were waiting for the light to change when Mark asked if I was a photographer. (The clue was that I had my Canon SLR camera strapped across my shoulder.) We had a delightful but short conversation while walking into that year’s Spring International Quilt Market.

We then photographed Mark at Road to California where he was the featured speaker. (We’ve photographed Road to CA’s marketing collateral for the last four years.)

The next time we met was at Fall Market, Houston. We chatted for a bit more and I asked him if he was in need of a photographer. He pulled his partner, Jeff Turner, over and said, that yes, they did. They were just starting a new feature in his magazine, Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home Magazine (QHM), where he would focus on a well-known quilter’s home (not just their studio). They needed a photographer who would be able to travel to various locations and shoot the selected quilter’s home.

We eagerly took the assignment and our photography and styling work appeared in 17 consecutive issues from Nov/Dec 2008 to Aug/Sept 2011. We photographed and styled 19 quilter’s homes in eight different states (two photo shoots were not published as the magazine closed).

During that almost three-year period a lot changed. Mark and Jeff left the magazine and the magazine’s name was changed from Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home Magazine to Quilter’s Home Magazine. During that time, we worked with three different editors and three different art directors. The feature’s name was changed from Inside QH to Come on In. Also, the magazine’s parent company, CK Media, declared bankruptcy and was sold to New Track Media, which published Quilter’s Home’s during its last two years. During the CK Media bankruptcy, for one photo assignment, we were paid pennies on the dollar.

Diana McClun from our first photo shoot, in her rose garden. She was our third ever quilt client and has been most gracious and supportive in our photography business.

But, through it all, Elena and I met wonderful and inspiring quilters who allowed us to show the magazine’s reader’s their private homes and studios. The quilters and their families graciously worked with us during the long day shoots.

As the final edition of this magazine came to a close, Elena and I want to thank Mark Lipinski (former editor) and his partner Jeff Turner (former art director) for taking a chance on us. We also want to thank the recent editors, Jake Finch and Melissa Thompson Maher, for continuing to work with us on such a great publication. We had a great time working with these talented folks and we loved the opportunity to showcase the wonderful and talented quilters and their homes. We will miss them all and the magazine. Goodbye old friend.

Final Magazine Cover, photo credit: Tom Ocker