Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine

It was both with delight and sadness when I picked up my business mail recently. The delight was seeing my photography work in three different magazines all arriving on the same day: Machine Quilting Unlimited (MQU) Sept/Oct 2011, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot (SS&D) Summer 2011, (a Handweavers Guild of America trade magazine,) and Quilter’s Home Magazine (QHM) Aug/Sept 2011. (Perhaps the delight also was not seeing any bills that day!)

My quilt photography was shown on the cover of MQU (above) and inside featured more of my quilt photography with the main story, Ann Horton: Story Telling in Fabric. The great and fun challenge in photographing for MQU is to really show the machine quilting and having the publisher, Vicki Anderson was on hand for this photo shoot. She has lived an interesting life à la Forrest Gump. Culturally, if it was important, she probably was a part of it. (Yes, dear reader, a separate blog on Vicki will be coming.)

SS&D (below) featured a digital photography column, Focus on Photography, which I’ve been writing for this magazine. This was my third column and this particular article is the first of a four-part series on achieving near-perfect color using your digital camera and image-editing software. It’s called Producing Accurate Color, Part 1. (Yeah, I know, pretty clever title. My original title was far longer and less descriptive; the magazine editor thought this title better and she edits better than I write.)

Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot

The sad magazine note was the last issue of QHM (below); we had photographed for them for over 2 years. In this last issue, Elena and I photographed and styled Kelly Gallagher Abbott’s house and photographed her Gammill dealer’s showroom in Fort Collins, Colorado. Also the magazine had a most favorable review of Cara Gulati’s newest book that I photographed, Curve’s for Cowards; I also photographed Cara’s first book, 3-D Explosion: Simply Fabulous Art Quilt Illusions. (Cara’s house, again photographed and styled by us, was also featured in the QHM issue before.) As you might guess, I’m concerned that Cara thinks of me more of a photography stalker than a photographer…

Quilter's Home Magazine